About Us

What are we?

A social empowerment initiative for youths, “I Am Talented” (IAT) allows students to explore areas of interest in non-academic pathways, through self-discovery, skills-based workshops across two or three Saturdays. This initiative is guided by three core values:

  • Discovery: Discovery refers to a journey of exploration whereby IAT participants are encouraged to pursue new and different interests; gleaning novel experiences and realising their innate talents during the process.
  • Diligence: Diligence refers to the ethos upon which IAT participants are expected to pursue their interests and hone their talents; giving their best in the process of learning and participating.
  • Determination: Determination refers to the attitude which IAT participants will develop and adopt during the programme; when encountering various challenges during the course of their learning.

In this journey, students uncover their talents (“discovery”), hone these talents (“diligence”), and also overcome challenges (“determination”).