Community programming for future-ready youth.

What is the future of Singapore’s youth?

Disruption. Competition. Climate change. Inequality. Black swans. Scarcity. Conflict.

The youth of today face myriad challenges in navigating an increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. With change as the only constant, our future is one where survival is underpinned by our ability to be like swiss-army knives; or ‘be like water’.

Singapore’s stable socio-political environment and robust education system has imbued our youth with a good baseline of skillsets and opportunities to face the future with fortitude. Yet, two main factors differentiate mere survival and success.

Bridging inequality of opportunity

While opportunities exist for some to thrive amidst adversity, many others are less privileged. The divides and disparities between the affluent and the disadvantaged are substantial, and will continue to widen.

Access to tuition, enrichment classes, personal networks; coupled with the absence of financial and social stressors engender vastly different lifepaths. A student who has access and opportunity to develop core competencies such as complex problem-solving, critical and parallel thinking, technological skillsets, ideation, and creativity, is far more likely to survive and thrive, as compared to a student who spends time after school in ad-hoc employment to provide for family.

We seek to bridge these inherent inequalities through community-driven programming for the less privileged.

Cultivating global mindsets

What enables individuals to embrace creativity, muster courage to explore the unknown, and apply theory in a dynamic reality? While individual personalities and competencies are impacted by the ‘nature and nurture’ combination, we believe the experiences and opportunities our young are exposed to play an outsized role in molding their mindsets. A well-travelled adolescent exposed to various cultures is far more likely to thrive when interacting with others in a diverse workplace. Experiences abroad may spur individuals to think big, think long-term, and think global, rather than focusing merely on the present, and limiting ambitions within our red dot.

We seek to cultivate global mindsets by encouraging our young to embrace the unknown, and envision the possibilities.