Our origins

I Am Talented (IAT) started in 2011 as a small-scale ground initiative by six youths. This initiative was a day-long programme catering to a hundred-odd participants. At its core, the collaborators sought to inspire Normal (Technical) and Normal (Academic) secondary school students in Singapore to expand their horizons, and empower them to discover their potential talents, and strive towards attaining excellence across academic and non-academic pursuits.

A decade of community growth

The IAT programme has grown from strength to strength. From its humble origins as an ad-hoc, single day session with four workshops and sharing sessions, the IAT committee partnered with key community and industry stakeholders such as Central Singapore CDC and Nikon to expand the scope and horizons of the programme.

IAT has since transformed into a wider-scale community-driven social empowerment initiative for secondary school students premised upon encouraging participants to embody the 3Ds (Discovery, Diligence, and Determination). It is now an annual multi-sessional programme held over multiple sessions. IAT seeks to provide an immersive journey of inspiration to participants, through a range of workshops and keynote sessions, and comprehensively develop future-centric skillsets.

Future-proofing youth with collective wisdom

IAT has since morphed into a broader social empowerment movement. While IAT remains the anchor youth empowerment programme helmed with the same vision and objectives, we seek to do good, and do better by pursuing collaborations with partners-in-industry to expand the range of opportunities beyond ad-hoc programming. The result presently is a range of social programming with beneficiaries extending beyond disadvantaged secondary students.