Collective Futures, as its name suggests, is not about the endeavours of any one individual. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We would love to collaborate with like-minded individuals willing and interested to empower and do good in our communities too!

David Hoe is founder and director of the IAT programme, alongside various other community empowerment initatives. He is a Council Member in the National Youth Council, and a District Councillor with the Central Singapore CDC. David has taken the road less travelled and is fully aware that achieving his dream of becoming an educator was not forged by his sheer effort alone, but by standing on the shoulders of many giants.

Laurence Franslay is a software development manager at PayPal, and a recipient of the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award recognising individuals and groups that have achieved excellence in giving. Laurence spends his free time on social empowerment initiatives including Project Stable Staples, IAmTalentedSG and CollaborateSG, and constantly strives to serve underserved communities better.

Maurice Goh is a business growth innovator and content strategist for a suite of home-grown enterprises, and has core expertise in information security and IT auditing. Maurice is interested in developing a global mindset in Singaporean youth, and strives to reach out to less privileged groups by focusing on targeted programming, and linking corporate social responsibility endeavours with community needs.

Nurfadhilla Kamarul is Assistant Director (Court Services) at State Courts. She was formerly a producer and journalist with Mediacorp, and began her journey with IAT as a workshop instructor inculcating reporting and journalism skills in youth. Fadhilla continues to believe in the value of passing it on through various community endeavours.

Melvin Tay is a researcher at the Institute of Policy Studies. His research interests comprise inequality and societal fault lines, their significance, and their management via policy instruments and community platforms. Melvin has an appetite to conceptualise and implement new modalities of community empowerment for youth.

Ng Pei Ying is an interactive design student at the Institute of Technical Education. Through volunteering to teach children animation, Pei Ying found a fresh passion for social work, and is now determined to pass on hope to others. Pei Ying has been involved in various community mentorship programmes linking students with underserved communities.