I Am Curious

Why the Need to be Curious?

With many of the initiatives our team has run in the rental communities, we started to see a pattern where many of the kids did not have exposure to careers outside of what residents in their community go for, and this has shaped their views of the kind of careers that they can aspire towards. As with what we did with Collaborate, what we really want to solve here is the gap in information that these youths have access to, so that they can make more informed decisions about their future.

Cultivating Curiosity through Role Modelling and Mentorship

Within the constraints of what’s possible in light of the ever evolving COVID situation in Singapore, we are aiming to organize a series of cafe sessions between the youths in these communities, and working professionals. Through these sessions, we hope that the youths would be exposed to a wider range of role models that they can aspire towards, and enable them to make more informed decisions down the road.

When are We Going to Be Curious?

We are currently still planning this with our various partners, and will start moving ahead with our plans once we are sufficiently satisfied that we are able to do this legally, while managing the risks of holding such an event. After all, many of these youths are still vaccinated.

If you are interested to get involved, reach out to us on our Facebook page!